(New for 2023) 

Why this class?
Any good firearms instructor will tell you that awareness and avoidance are critical skills, but none of them provide the necessary training to use those skills in real-time.  This course does.

The Problem
Avoiding the X – Taking Initiative
 challenges the training assumption that if you are attacked, your first reaction should be “get off the X and engage the threat.”  That’s good for law enforcement and military personnel. However, as civilians, the psychological, social, and financial cost of defending yourself with a firearm can be staggering.

The Solution
Learn how to avoid the X, but if you end up there, know how to regain initiative without relying solely on a lethal force option.

Lt.Col. Jeff Cooper’s Color Code brought situational awareness to our attention. But… if you don’t know what to look for, like universal pre-attack indicators, you could be using the Color Code and still find yourself in trouble.

Topics Covered
Avoiding the X – Taking Initiative
picks up where the Color Code leaves off. Topics include:

  • Awareness, Avoidance, Boundary Setting, and De-escalation
  • Understanding and countering the criminal mindset
  • Recognizing universal pre-attack indicators (defending yourself on the street… and in the courtroom)
  • Using your voice and mindset in personal defense
  • SPEAR System basics
  • Drawing a firearm under stress
  • Weapon retention
  • Fouling an attacker’s draw
  • Universal weapons dis-arms
  • Empty hand techniques to gain the necessary space and time to access less than lethal or lethal force options
  • Legal aspects of armed and unarmed self-defense

Don’t just survive a Dynamic Critical Incident, learn to Prevail!

3 sessions (one night per week for 3 weeks) 3 hours per session for a total of 9 hours to complete the course.

$225 covers the cost for all three sessions

Coming Soon: Classes will be posted in March of 2023 (Minimum 6 – Maximum 20 people per session). This class will be taught by Civilian Firearms Trainer Rick Larsen and Close Quarters Combat Instructor Carl Hershiser.