Firearms Safety CourseIn Massachusetts, you are required to take an approved firearms safety course prior to submitting your application for a Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry (LTC) in the Commonwealth.

We teach either the LTC-002 NRA Basic Pistol or LTC-019 Liberal Gun Club Firearms Familiarization curriculum. Successful completion of either course qualifies you to apply.

We provide a safe, comfortable, and entertaining experience using training rooted in adult learning principles. This includes:

  • all course materials, (Textbook and documents for LTC-002) or (Digital media and documents for LTC-019), and
  • get-up-and-move exercises and stories to make your experience memorable, relevant, and fun, and
  • personalized live fire instruction with a variety of different pistols.

Just bring a pencil, a smile, and some closed toed shoes.

We teach well beyond the prerequisites established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With small classes and live-fire instruction, you will see that our class is so much more engaging than those large group cattle calls. You have a choice. Choose RLFT.

Starting at $150 weekday/ $175 weekend per person

Is your schedule too packed for a group class? Private classes offered for an additional charge. Classwork and range time booked to accommodate your schedule.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are not a prohibited person prior to signing up for the LTC Class.

Confirm that:
1. You have NEVER had a permit to carry denied in ANY state.
2. You have NEVER been convicted of a felony in ANY state.
3. You are NOT an unlawful user or addicted to ANY controlled substance.
4. You have NEVER been “adjudicated as mental defective” or committed to an institution by ANY court.
5. You have NEVER been convicted by ANY court for domestic violence.
6. You have NOT been discharged from the US Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.