Commonwealth of Massachusetts Approved Firearms Safety Course

In Massachusetts, your are require to take an approved safety course prior to submitting your application for a Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry (LTC) in the Commonwealth. I am approved to teach either the LTC-002 or LTC-019 curriculum.

We provide a safe, comfortable and entertaining experience with the highest quality of training. This includes personalized live fire instruction with a variety of different pistols, all course materials, (Textbook and documents for LTC-002) or (Digital media and documents for LTC-019) as well as some poetry and stories to make your experience memorable, relevant, and fun. Just bring a pencil and a smile.

This offering is well beyond the prerequisites established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With small classes and live-fire instruction, you will see that our class is so much more engaging than those large group cattle calls. You have a choice. Choose R Larsen Firearms Training.

You owe it to yourself to become informed, inspired and well-prepared if a gun is in your future.

Starting at $150/person

Too busy for a group class? Private classes available for an additional charge. Classwork and range time booked to accommodate your schedule.

USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals


  • This is a hands-on 2 ½ hour class for anyone interested in practical applications of personal defense with handguns.
  • The course is a distillation of the United States Concealed Carry Assoc. one day course called Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

Topics include:

  • Universal safety protocol in a 365-degree world
  • Understanding handguns and which one is right for you
  • Ammunition
  • Dealing with malfunctions
  • Intro to shotguns, carbines and other use of force options
  • The differences between defensive shooting and marksmanship
  • Just what is this muscle memory and how to get it
  • Proper grip, platform and how to develop kinesthetic alignment
  • The sliding scale from precision shooting to point shooting
  • Trigger management./li>

Defensive Applied Fundamentals (SIRT Pistol) Class

Using SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) Practice Pistols, (all equipment provided) this 3 hour drill-based course instills practical shooting skills and builds a foundation for any shooting discipline. Designed by USPSA Master shooter Mike Hughes as a compilation of best practices from Action Shooting, Defensive Pistol, and Olympics style Gallery Match shooting. For both the novice and advanced shooters, Applied Fundamentals puts you on the right path to advance your skills in a fun social setting.

No live-fire, so we hold the class anywhere! Book a class for your club, group or team. (Minimum 4 – Maximum 10 people per session).

Price $60

One-on-One Training

No matter the discipline, let me tailor a session to help you meet your goals. Whether practicing for a competition, tuning up for an academy or department qualification or have hit a plateau and wish to move past it, a one-on-one training will help you see results in record time.

Starting at $100

I have tailored sessions for law enforcement personnel, competitive shooters, recreational shooters as well as people learning strategies for personal and home defense. Cost determined by time and materials. Base rate is $100 per session.