(New for 2023) 

In 2020, the National Association of Realtors published a member safety report. 23% of respondents experienced a situation that made them fear for his or her personal safety. 39% reported meeting new or prospective clients at a secluded location. 23% felt unsafe while hosting an open house alone.

RLFT is offering a non-firearms workshop to address these issues. Topics include:

  • Who is the potential threat?
  • The difference between worry & healthy fear
  • How to reduce the risk of being targeted (incl. marketing, social media and overall presentation)
  • How to assess risk
  • Reliance on technology – pros and cons
  • Use of background checks – pros and cons
  • Active listening to reveal red flags
  • Body Language
  • Demonstration of force options such as pepper spray

Book a class for your group or team. (Minimum 4 – Maximum 20 people per session).